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Indiana Seal offers a complete line of couplings for clay, cast iron, ductile iron, concrete and plastic pipe – and with sizes ranging from 1 ¼ – 27 inches, we’ve got the perfect fit for any job. Constructed of tough, yet pliable PVC, our couplings hold strong against hazards like sewer gases, chemicals, fungus growth, various soil conditions, roots and other in-ground dangers that can lead to leaks and breakdowns in your system. Every coupling is produced and inspected under strict quality control standards to guarantee the highest degree of integrity at any junction in the line.

Indiana Seal has the perfect fit for any job, and you can find that perfect fit here by browsing through our full product catalog.

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03/07/13 -
Full story

09/15/11 - New Product Introduction
Indiana Seal is now manufacturing 10” and 12” Seal Caps. These Seal Caps will fit pipes with Sewer or IPS O.D.’s. Contact your area manufacturer’s representative or call the factory direct, and one of our customer service representatives will... Full story

08/05/11 - Introduction of New Products
GPK Products / Indiana Seal is please to announce its newest product for the sewer and drain industry. If you are concerned about shear failure and pipe offset, then our new product will help to reduce these issues. “Shear Guard” by Onset Pipe... Full story

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